Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oooh, Ruffles: Pt. 1

It has been absolutely freezing here in CO for the past couple of days. We have two inches of half-melted snow on the ground, and I have to keep checking the calendar to reassure myself that it is indeed October and not December. So, of course, I've been obsessing over what is practically the most un-winter-y, impractical Summer fling skirt pattern ever.
image of M5888
This is the only skirt pattern I got in my recent 10-pattern purchase from BMV. I just love it; it's so light and fluffy and girly without being twee or ridiculously doll-like. I especially want to make the A version in black lace. I really want at least three of this skirt to start with: a solid black, a light caramel-y brown, and a soft pure white, all in chiffon. There is nothing in my wardrobe that wouldn't go really well with at least one of those colors, and I think the skirt could be dressed down with a tee and fun tights or dressed up with a really nice blouse. A very versatile piece! It takes less than two yards, so even with lining fabric for lace it still wouldn't be that expensive. The problem is, I'm already coming up with dozens of really impractical but super-adorable ways to make this skirt. Every one of my multiple style personalities wants their own version of this: The exuberant quasi-goth wants it in black, electric blue, and bright purple, the earthy nature-child wants it in forest green and chocolate brown, and the girly-girl wants it in four shades of pink, gradiated from shell pink on the waistband to shocking pink on the bottom layer. And I don't think you would necessarily be limited to making this with light cotton, georgette, etc. , as suggested on the pattern envelope. I think that in a weightier fabric, it would still be really pretty; the heft would give it a little more stability and make you less likely to have a Marylin-Monroe-on-the-subway-grate moment while retaining the unique layered look and the movement of the skirt. Maybe I'm just deluding myself so I can give this a go as a winter skirt, but I have some old velveteen laying around that I really want to try this out in. Seriously, the thought of this in black velveteen with white lace trim is totes bringing out my inner Elegant Gothic Lolita, to the point where she is stomping all over the other style people and insisting that it's her turn, dammit, so make the skirt! I think I just might have to listen to her.
BTW, if you're wondering why this is Pt. 1, it's because I got another awesome ruffletastic pattern that you'll have to tune in tomorrow to see!


  1. Hi There! Thought I would say hello since my name is Jamie and I am also from Colorado. I agree, it is much more like December around here than October. I couldn't believe it when I woke up to almost 11 inches of snow last Saturday. Sounds like the weather is going to be much nicer for this weekend so I am excited about that.

  2. Cool! I always love to meet other people from CO, and name twins. I, too am excited for nicer weather this weekend- I might be able to bust out one of the summer dresses one last time if my bribe to my mom to take me to Joanne's while their Columbus Day sale is still on actually works. *crosses fingers*