Monday, August 24, 2009

The Best Prom Dress Pattern EVER!

Ok, so I just finished 4 hours worth of geography and physics. On the bright side, that puts me two weeks ahead of schedule on both classes. On the not-so-bright side, I am now officially brain-dead. And a bit frightened-I think if you showed me a map or a physics formula I might run screaming in the other direction. So, to give my brain a little happy time after all I have done for it, I decided to browse the dress patterns over at Vogue. And I found it: THE pattern for my prom dress! And yeah, yeah, prom isn't until June, but with this pattern's complexity I may very well need all 10 months to get my sewing skills up to scratch.
Here it is in all it's head-splodin' glory!
image of V2880

I literally squeed with excitement when I saw this dress. Is it not GLORIOUS? It's pretty much everything I love all in one perfect, amazing, incredible package. The sexy-yet-demure off-the-shoulder neckline. The drapey, layer-y ruffled asymmetrical skirt. The lacing on the side, which gives it that lovely modern-medieval twist. The soft ruching that plays up curves in a subtle way. And it's even on sale right now for $5.75! Could it be any more awesome? I'm really picturing this in a soft gold chiffon shot through with a subtle sparkle, trimmed in chocolate brown velvet ribbon. I read the reviews on patternreview, and it looks like this dress is basically exceedingly hard, but worth it. Oh-so-very worth it. And if anyone could tell me where to get soft gold chiffon shot through with subtle sparkle, I would be very much obliged.

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