Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Change In Plans

So, for the fall concert dress I have decided to ditch the brown lace overlay. This has come as a result of talking with my wise, wonderful, and vastly more experienced mother. She correctly pointed out that a non-stretchy lace and a very stretchy jersey probably would not combine very well, and would be a major pain in the ass to sew. Thanks, Mom! Plus, I decided I liked the sheen of the jersey and the color too much to cover it up with the lace.
I actually have some old yellow satin sitting around that has the same stretch (or lack thereof) as the lace. I think I might use it and make a cute little dress. As I recall, the satin has little sparkly-bubble thingies on it that make it look like something that should be used in a five-year-old's dance costume, so hopefully the lace will mature it up and make it useable for everyday.

I start school tomorrow-ugh- but, on the bright side, it is my senior year! (Yay!) I actually go to school online, which offers many advantages, not the least of which being I have a lot more time to sew. Since I live a half-hour out of town, that's an hour round trip every day that I don't have to take, which means I have another hour I can spend sewing. I motivate myself to do work with sewing. I'll say-ok, so when I finish my English for the day, I can spend 15 minutes cutting out a new pattern, pinning, ironing seams (depending on where I am in my current projects). It's a very good incentive, and I can actually get a lot done!

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