Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Question For Butterick

As I browsed Butterick during the current $4.99 pattern sale, I kept noticing this dress, B5029:
My thought process went something like this: Oooohhh, it's so pretty! *But you really don't need another midriff band dress pattern.* But look at the lovely graceful pleating in the bodice and midriff! *But where would you wear such a thing, you frivolous goose?* But I really want to make it in that spring green! *But the other version is a halter, and you don't like halters.* I've altered halters before, so phbthblth, sensible self. At which point my sensible self and my pattern-craving self got into a big 'ol hair-pulling catfight that ended with me deciding to pass it up, but just barely. Having selected a few other patterns, I decided to browse the See 'N Sew Patterns, and lo and behold I found this:
It's the exact same flipping dress, amiright? So why does one of these normally retail for $16.99 and one for $2.99? What is the difference? Is there really $14 worth of difference in these two patterns? Did someone at Butterick mislable something? And why do I keep having dreams about really mean sentient zombies? Well, the last one isn't really pertinent to this blog (except I did once dream that I was trying to fight really mean sentient zombies with my sewing machine; yes, such is my subconscious. Suck on that one, Freud!), but really, am I delusional when I look at these two patterns and see the exact same dress but one pattern $14 cheaper than the other? Both have a halter and spaghetti version, ruched bodice, ruched midriff band, and gathered below-the-knee skirt. Both the spaghetti versions are even in shades of pale green! I think the only possible rational explanation for this involves evil-mirror universe pattern designers and a complex conspiracy to drive observant seamstresses insane using a combination of nearly-identical patterns with radically different price points and a fabric-manufacturer blood-oath to only manufacture cute prints in quilting cottons that wrinkle if you look at them funny. The reasons for this nefarious plot are unknown but may involve garden gnomes and the people with the button eyes from Coraline. If that isn't it, I got nothin'.

BTW, I decided on the cheaper version of this pattern. Somehow, the $2 made all the difference, and the whole thing is rendered moot now anyway because all their patterns are now $2.99.


  1. Butterick and even Simplicity often do this offering scaled down versions of a regular pattern in the see and sew or It's so easy section. If you notice in this example, there are only two views instead of three int he see and sew version but if these are the two views you want, SCORE! Otherwise, you'd have to buy the other version which still wouldn't be too bad if you waited for a .99 or 1.99 sale which they have pretty often around here. Hope this helps.

  2. I'm imspired by your blog, talent and sewing ability.