Thursday, September 10, 2009

Starry Nights Dress AND Fabric, Yay!

Tah-dah! Ladies and germs, may I present the Starry Nights Dress, started yesterday and finished today, made exclusively by me for me! Here it is:

The photo doesn't quite look as good as the dress looks in person, which basically means that the flash reflected off the fabric in such a way as to give me some bulges that I really don't have. Oh well, c'est la vie, and I'm too lazy to make my mom take another picture. And yes, you can see my slip line in the photo. No, I really don't care-I'd rather have a slip line than a VPL! I really love this dress. The material is a silky satin knit, so it's way cool and comfortable, and I love the little sparkling stars on it- so pretty. I could not tell you where the fabric came from, but we've had it around the house for years and years. I made this dress with Simplicity 2580, which is actually the pattern I was planning on using for my prom dress before I found the Vogue one. I love the simple elegance of the twisted neck and the skimming lines the empire waist creates. I made a couple of small modifications to the pattern- I stitched up the little "keyhole" in front since it was low enough to show my bra, and I stitched the straps together in the center of the bodice back since it was originally a halter top and I really don't care for halters. I also cut the skirt back on the fold, eliminating the back seam, because I'm lazy like that and this is a pullover dress so it really doesn't need a back seam to insert the zipper in. I really liked the pattern, and I plan on using it again. The fabric was a bit of a challenge to work with- I've never used such slippery fabric before, so it was definitely challenging and I used about 500 more pins than I usually do to keep it in place. I have two more pieces of this kind of fabric to work with-one with little multicolored hearts that I plan on making a full-skirted '50s style dress out of, and one with little silver bats that I'm probably going to make up using this pattern again, because I like it that much. I'm glad to be expanding out from cotton, but at the same time I long for something that doesn't slip around like it was greased when I try to cut it!

Speaking of expanding out from cotton, I got an order from the other day that was almost exclusively rayon acetate slinky stretch jersey, which I think is super-awesome on account of its beautiful drape and how it doesn't wrinkle at all, ever. This is the only piece that wasn't jersey, as a matter of fact:

It's a little bit of a darker yellow than it is in person- I believe they called it "Fiesta Satin" It's really quite lovely- it's heavy and has a nice drape. It also looks pretty and formal without any of the tacky shininess you get with really cheap satin. I want to make it into something with a black lace overlay for character, I think.
These three are all the acetate jersey, and I can't wait to start making stuff out of them. I should maybe use my older fabric first, though, right? Like milk or eggs?

My favorite is the black with the little gold and silver swirls- it's just so fun and playful! I love all of 'em though, and I'll definitely be shopping from again. They gave me a $5 coupon that expires October 31st, so I'll have to use that to convince my mom to let me make another order posthaste.

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  1. You and your dress are so pretty! I want to make this dress now and thanks for the tips. I wouldn't want a key hole either.